Deploy a CPU Server

Hourly cloud CPU-only VMs, perfect for hosting data on our network. 10 gigabits of network connectivity and dedicated resources. Deploy in in Chicago, New York, or Las Vegas. Contact support if you encounter any issues — we're here to help!

1. Select base configuration

2. Customize storage

Storage Amount

Contact us to add additional options.

Storage Class

Learn more about our storage classes. Note: deploying VMs with large operating system templates (Ex. TensorML & Windows) on HDD storage is NOT recommended as deployment times will take substantially longer.

5. Configure details

Your Server

Your actual charge will be pro-rated to the

1x Intel Xeon v3





Chicago DC1, USA


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


Running Cost


Cost per hour when the VM is running.

Stopped Cost


Cost per hour when the VM is stopped.

Email us at if you will
spend more than $5,000/month on our CPU
instances. We can offer significant discounts (50%
or more) for scale and/or 12/24 month commits.