Standard Support

24 Hour Sales Support Via Email

Email us at to contact a salesperson. This is useful if you need help comparing services, e.g. an NVIDIA Tesla V100 vs an NVIDIA A100. A salesperson will respond within 24 hours.

48 Hour Standard Support Via Email

Email us at, and our experienced staff will resolve your issue or question within 48 hours for services that have already been provisioned. This is on a best-effort basis, and response times can vary over weekends and holidays.

Video Call With A Representative

Schedule a 15 minute video chat. Fill in the details and we'll automatically assign an appropriate company representative. Ask us sales questions, follow up with a previously submitted support request, or just hang out and chat about GPUs :)

Enterprise-Level Support

Live Support via Slack

Email us at to request a shared Slack channel for live synchronous communication. You must have, or are expecting to scale to, a $1,000/month spending minimum.